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Spongy Buddy

Spongy Buddy Back Cleanser (Yellow)

Spongy Buddy Back Cleanser (Yellow)

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Wash your back with the Spongy Buddy back washer.

Place it on the wall and do the Spongy Buddy dance!

SpongyBuddy is a very unique product for people to wash and moisturize, put sunscreen, scratch and massage their back hands free. Just stick your SpongyBuddy to your shower or bathroom wall using our patented system. First, peel off the clear protector, then stick it onto a clean, dry wall. SpongyBuddy sticks everywhere, is movable and adjustable to each personal height, so apply your soap or moisturizer lotion or sunscreen to your SpongyBuddy. Do the SpongyBuddy dance to rub your back against your SpongyBuddy!
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